Value Set: 24/7 Golf Lover

Value Set: 24/7 Golf Lover

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You want to play golf! You love it but you can't! It's that damn long day at work and office today. Let alone the business trip next week. We know the feeling!

Long time missing in action. Other responsibilities at home, office or family drain you of energy and your skill levels are simply not there anymore. So... Are you ready for some bogeys and double bogeys? Well. No worries anymore! We care about your game and want to help our players!

With our portable and ready-to-go kit, you can practice every day, everywhere and for as long as it fits your schedule!

  • Stuck with a long day at the office?

    No problem for our Golf Mug (hidden pen for office use included)! Practice and have fun while still working, drinking your coffee or having lunch break! 

  • Business trip or having to move a lot?

    No problem for our portable golf kit! Tight and neat organized in its own case, it will be your perfect golf partner! Practice and relax in your hotel room, your cottage or at whatever place you MUST be ( besides the one you wish, the golf court 😉)

  • Tired at home after the day?

    No problem for our indoor training mat! You don't have to move to court! We bring the court to you! Just grab that beer from your fridge and enjoy your putting! Our durable and folding training mat will be all the practice you need at home!

Combine 3 great products of ours in a new great discounted price packed together!

    With our complete set, you can keep your skills sharp with ease! Turn an ordinary, mundane day into an exciting, happy Golf Day! 

    You are welcome!  😊

    For more details, you can also visit the products included on this set on their separated pages

    Golf Mug (Putter Club + Ball)

    Golf Indoor Training Mat

    Portable Practice Golf Kit

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