Value Set: Keyboard Designer

Value Set: Keyboard Designer

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PC Lover? Enjoy our Keyboard bundle value set at a limited discount price!

  • Ctrl Alt Del Keyboard Cup Set

Running bit laggy lately and feeling slow? No worries! You just need a reboot every now and then like all of us! If you start feeling unresponsive and tired, this Cup Set will fill your batteries in no time!

Impress yourself as you serve them in your home visit some refreshing drinks! Cups include their own circuit tray for that EXTRA touch of geekiness needed to amaze even the toughest crowd!

The perfect and original gift idea for your best I.T. Department friend that always has your back!

Cup sizes: 6cm * 8cm * 9.5 cm / 2.3in * 3.1in * 3.7in
Circuit Tray Size: 26cm  / 10.2in
Material: Plastic
Volume: 300ml / 10.1 fl oz per cup

  • Massive Enter Key Pillow

Frustrated at work or with customers? Laggy game? Noob opponents? Rage quits? Bad day in general? Wanna punch something? We do too sometimes!

Join our movement "Don't break your hardware"

Take your rage on our fluffy pillows! 100% "Punch Compatible" :)

Punching your computer was never before so much fun!

Enjoy! You may thank us later! :)

Size: 14cm * 21cm * 11cm / 5.5in * 8.2in * 4.3in
Weight: 300g / 10.5oz

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